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 ACTIVITIES AND Themed Weekends 

Water Wars Wagon Ride - Family Wagon Rides - Themed Crafts - Yogi Bear™ Movie Time - Outdoor Yard Games - Social Gatherings - Candy Bingo - Scavenger Hunts - Karaoke Parties - Pool Volleyball - Wacky Water Relay Races - Fishing - Tether ball Volleyball Games - Horseshoes - Corn Hole Games - Basketball Kids' Games - Foam Fun * - Gem Mining Sluice * - Flashlight Freeze Tag - Sand Art * - Glitter Tattoos * - Pool Games - Pool Relay Races - Splash Pad Fun - Ceramics Painting * - Color Time *

 denotes a paid activity.

Pool & Splash Pad

Yogi Bear’s Water Zone™ is home to our 24’ diameter Splash Pad! While the Splash Pad serves as a giant chalkboard when dry, Jellystone Park™ lets the jets rip when the heat rises and it’s time to get wet!

Fishing Pond

Jellystone Park’s two acre fishing pond invites the curiosity and comfort of childhood. Trail the two acres in search of minnows or watch the turtles poke their heads through the water’s surface. Cast a line where the bass or blue gill are active or simply lay on the pond’s edge and drift away.

Character Interactions

Keep a lookout for our friendly bears Yogi Bear™ and Boo Boo Bear™ during your next stay! You can catch Yogi Bear™ trying to take pic-a-nic basket, meet children at the park for pictures, or visit site-by-site to sweet talk the guests. Boo Boo Bear™ tags along as the two are best buds.

Gem Mining

As of 06/24/2022 this is under renovation. We hope to have it back online in the coming week.

Precious gems await their moment to be discovered! Don’t forget your identification chart as you trek your way to the Jellystone Park™ Mining Sluice. 

Water Wars

Grab your play clothes and bathing suits! Armed with two 50-gallon barrels, children bring their water squirters, big and small, onto the Jellystone Park™ wagon. Get ready to blast water in every direction once the wheels start turning!


Near the entrance, Jellystone Park™ has an indoor theatre for families to enjoy. The theatre not only serves during movie times, but is also the hub to several other activities like our themed crafts, indoor games, and bingo!

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